Create and Sell Online Courses

Create and Sell Online Courses, Smart Passive Income.

This course was designed to enlighten you on the benefits of creating an online course and how you can make extra money while selling them. The course is divided into four modules with different topics to give you an in-depth knowledge from basic information gathering to the most complex promotion of your online course. What to expect from this course include:

  • A step by step guide on the benefits of creating your online course by gathering ideas, turn them into fantastic online courses, record these online courses and market them to the public.
  • Detailed explanation and action proven examples to give you a better understanding of real market situations and how to move from a novice to a pro in online teaching.
  • Lectures on how to identify your market and communicate with your audience effectively.
  • A free guide to product promotion.

Hi, my name is Yariv, and I am honored to be your instructor on this course. Throughout this course, I promise to be your teacher, friend and confidant because I was once like you. This is an adventure you are going to love.

Join me in this wonderful and comprehensive course and learn the secret of how to monetize your expertise today.

I will love to share the secret of how I make passive income selling online courses. In this course, you’ll learn with specific examples of how I was able to gain that amount with just a single course.

I will tutor you on how to create your online course, make it appear excellent, promote it, sell it and above all, make some more cash with it.

It sounds great right? Let me whet your appetite with a recap of what you’ll learn.

  • Learning the basics: how to plan your online course, all the equipment and tools needed to create the course and how to grab people’s attention.
  • Validating your course: I will give you a pro guide on how to strategize and confirm your idea to ensure you create a course people will love to pay for.
  • Mapping out your course content: I’ll be your guide on how to create a proper outline and a super cool presentation using PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Recording your course: I will teach you the best methods to record your online presentation and also edit it.
  • Promoting your course: Once you create the course, I will take you by the hand and lead you to where you can market your courses online;
  • Making money selling your course: the pricing session will teach you how to create a great sales page for your course and much more.

By enrolling for this course, get ready to tap into my over 7 years experience in the creation of online courses. I have invested zillions of seconds and dollars and many years of educating myself, learning a new skill and I believe it is time I share this with you. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with people, and I believe creating an online course is the best way for me to reach a larger.

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